About the Author:

Bette Lischke lives with her husband in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where she is active in theater, choral society, a local peace movement, and the lives of seven grandchildren.

In addition to fiction, Bette enjoys writing songs. She has produced a compact disc of one her stories, “Santa Claus & the Elf Scout Leaders,” which includes seven original songs. Santa’s Magic, a three-act play for children’s theater, contains an eighth melody. Her latest song, In Unison With Peace, is sung at peace gatherings. Bette paints with watercolor and studies yoga, dowsing, tai chi and all things spiritual. She has worked as an executive recruiter, social worker, writer and  hypnotist.

Santa Claus & The Elf Scout Leaders


Story and song written and performed on compact disc by Bette Lischke

In my frustration with the over-commercialization of the Christmas season, I have written a children’s story called SANTA CLAUS & THE ELF SCOUT LEADERS.

It begins with the words, “Most people don’t know it, but before Santa was a saint as in Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, he was a little boy, a very good little boy…”

When the seven Elf Scout Leaders discover that children are mired in clutter from “Xmas”, they are charged with finding a solution. They begin by making up new songs that lift the hearts of children with the true meaning of Christmas. They include “By God’s Design’, “Glory On High”, “The One”, “Wide Open Spaces”, “For Giving”, “Chatter” and “Tank’s Song”.

I was honored to read and perform my story on WNBP. The radio station added wonderful musical back up and plays the story every Christmas Eve.

Children love Santa and the elves, and want to hear everything about them, and everything that the elves and Santa have to say (and sing). Three year olds carry around pictures of the colorful cover and listen to the story over and over.


Three-year-old Hadley Marchand: “I like the songs that the elves sing. I like the elves. My favorite elf is Leggs because she is a girl and she dances. I like to dance too – just like Leggs!”

Three-year-old Benjamin Marchand: “I like that Nicholas always smiled. I like the elves. My favorites are Spitz and Spats because they are twins like Hadley and me. I like oval because he has an oval head!”

Five-year-old Kayode Aina: “You have a beautiful voice. I listen in the car.”

Six-year-old Una Norton: “Nonnie’s voice and the songs make my tummy feel warm. Leggs is my favorite elf scout leader. I wish it were a book.”

Ellen Rowe, Kindergarten teacher: “SANTA CLAUS & THE ELF SCOUT LEADERS has a beautiful message about the true meaning of Christmas. Because Nicholas is filled with goodness, he chooses a gift of giving to others. I love the distinctive personalities of the elves and the creative songs that the elves sing. The elves discover that the most important thing about living is loving.”

Janice Tangney, lifelong lover of this blessed season: “When the spirit of Christmas warms our hearts and brings peace into our world, we know we have received a true gift. Author Bette Lischke brings to us her reminder of keeping Christ in Christmas. Sit quietly and listen to SANTA CLAUS & THE ELF SCOUT LEADERS, and allow the joy of the season to be with you and yours.”