Readers simply can’t say enough about Bette Lischke’s new book, IN THE WATERS OF TIME. Artfully crafted with vividly depicted characters in compelling relationship, both contemporary and historic, it demonstrates the life of a soul in page-turning and terrifying intrigue.

This metaphysical novel follows the spellbinding story of thirty-three year old Jane Eliot, a woman who has a vision of her past life as 19th-century Elizabeth – a wealthy and comely wife and mother drawn to teaching at the parish workhouse by its new master. Karmic ties tangle and threaten. Can Jane trust a husband who led her to ruin in a previous time? Will she be given the chance to mother again? Most importantly, Jane must uncover and throw off spirits of the dead that smother her sense of self and keep her from pursuing her life’s desires.

Peppered with sojourns into the after-life and filled with surprises and plot turns that meld the best of history, psychology, spirituality and love, IN THE WATERS OF TIME  is keeping readers focused on every page. Perfect for book club or book of the month selections, this book is the kind of novel that not only inspires people to enjoy the pleasure of an excellent read, but will also inspire readers to go on their own journeys to better understand their spiritual heritage.

Geared to adult readers, IN THE WATERS OF TIME  is currently available from SDP Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both e-reader and paperback. Buy it today!